Firelotto – international blockchain lottery [FLOT]

FLOT is a new ERC-20 Ethereum token by Firelotto – an internation blockchain lottery. Fire Lotto is a finished product that has already been launched. This lottery is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses Bitcoin.

Main features of the Firelotto:

  • ticket price around $2 (in ETH)
  • the prize pool is formed from the funds collected from ticket sales and a guaranteed fund – more than 1,000,000$ in ETH
  • winnings are automatically transferred to the winners’ cryptocurrency wallets
  • four types of lottery: 4/20; 5/36; 6/45; Roger’s Wheel

ICO and pre-sale: At the pre-sale stage, Firelotto tokens will be sold at a fixed low price.

The token holder will receive a commission from each ticket sold in every drawing. Commission payouts are secured by smart contracts and provide token holders with an almost endless source of income.

A total of 100,000,000 FLOT tokens will be issued.

Presale is open – early stage of ICO for Firelotto investors.